I’m Anaël Antille — photographer, videographer, and graphic designer, based in the alpine region of Switzerland, surrounded by majestic mountains and endless inspiration.

I thrive on turning visions into reality, flipping perspectives, and making magic happen with every project.

When I’m not chasing the perfect shot, you’ll find me tackling epic sports adventures or happily lost in another part of wonderful Planet Earth.

Work & Philosophy

Creative fields

I make videos, from the first original concept to the final cut. That’s what I like the most: being part of every stage of the film-making process.

I take photos, photos of all kinds, all people and all things. Because the more, the merrier!

I do graphic design, for local clients and larger international companies. C’est pas la taille qui compte, right?

Inspiration & DNA

I try to make every project resonate. It’s all about igniting the senses and letting emotions work their magic. Oh (¨!) and there’s music of course, my best muse. You will find its rhythmic influence reflected in my work, systematically.


Creativity is so much stronger when it’s collaborative. Communication with my clients partners is the secret sauce. It’s all about blending your goals with my artistic flair to come up with our joint magic recipe.


Swissness activated

After wrapping up my studies, I jumped into the sphere of Swiss horological marketing, where time isn’t just measured, but meticulously crafted into experiences.


The big jump

A pandemic later, I decided to flip the script. Adios, corporate job! Hello, exciting world of video, photography and graphic design! The first projects, the first learnings, and the impression that all this just felt right.


The progress Odyssey

Like a good old whisky, I progressively gained more expertise and creative maturity, each new project adding another layer of smooth complexity to my own artistic DNA. A never-ending and humble journey on the path to continuous growth.


Joining the digital party

After three years of flying solo in the freelance world, I finally decided to join the ranks and build a website. But hey, better late than never, right? Welcome to my virtual cosmos!


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